Christian Malford CofE Primary School

Diocese of Bristol Academies Trust

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Growing Together in Belief, Knowledge and Wisdom


Welcome to Christian Malford Church of England Primary School.

We are a small primary school situated at the heart of Christian Malford village. Our educational approach is deeply rooted in our rural surroundings, enriching the learning experiences and personal development of our students from pre-school through Year 6. At Christian Malford CofE Primary School, we extend a warm welcome to children of diverse faiths, backgrounds, and lifestyles, embracing them into our close-knit Christian Malford family.

Our commitment to our students' well-being and growth is unwavering. We uphold an open-door policy for parents, fostering ongoing communication to ensure the well-being of your child/ren and maximise engagement with the opportunities we offer.

From the outset, we instill a sense of ambition in our pupils, encouraging them to reach their highest potential. As part of the Church of England family of schools, we prioritise the promotion of fundamental Christian values, fostering moral and spiritual awareness.

Our school is supported by the Academy Council and the Diocese of Bristol Academies Trust, both of which work closely with our leadership to facilitate our school's growth. Our dedicated Friends of School play a crucial role in fundraising and organising social events, collectively forming a supportive team to aid our pupils during these crucial early years of education.

While our website provides valuable information, we encourage you to take advantage of our Open Day or contact our office at 01249 720496 to arrange a personal visit.

Christian Malford CofE Primary School places the utmost importance on safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. All staff and volunteers working with children undergo comprehensive Disclosure and Barring Service checks, exemplifying our commitment to their safety and well-being.

I look forward to welcoming you to our Christian Malford Family.

Best wishes,

C. Brugger, Headteacher

The Vine Schools’ Aims

At The Vine Schools (Somerfords', Seagry and Christian Malford), we embrace the profound teachings of John 15:1, where Jesus identifies himself as the "True Vine," underlining our commitment to growth in belief, knowledge, and wisdom. Our vision is to inspire every child to flourish spiritually, intellectually, and personally within our nurturing school community—a close-knit network encompassing students, educators, parents, and the broader local communities.

We cultivate belief in ourselves, each other, and the world, fostering unwavering self-confidence, valuing every voice, and infusing hope into every endeavor. Knowledge, in its entirety, is championed, emphasizing lifelong learning tools, and encouraging ambitious achievement.

Wisdom is cultivated, nurturing personal integrity, curiosity, and global citizenship values. By drawing inspiration from the Gospel's message of fruitful lives, we strive to empower our students to reach their full potential. Our focus on Christian Values enriches relationships and intertwines the teachings of Jesus into everyday life, fostering a transformative educational journey.

The Vine Schools’ Values (GRAPES)







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