Curriculum Overview

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Curriculum Overview

Art Education at Christian Malford

Our art curriculum is structured around a well-defined skills progression, guiding children through the development of their artistic abilities. Throughout their journey, they explore the works of diverse artists, spanning from contemporary visionaries to classical masters.

At the start of the current academic year, as an integral part of our transitional curriculum, our students were introduced to remarkable individuals who exemplify various protected characteristics. Our pupils applied their acquired artistic expertise to depict their chosen inspirational figures, mirroring the distinctive artistic styles of the prominent artists they had been studying. The final pieces of their efforts were presented to families during our art celebration showcase.

This academic year, we are pleased to introduce:  Campbell Class, in honour of the author Jen Campbell, and Williams Class, named after the athlete Serena Williams. Campbell Class pupils created portraits of Jen Campbell in the artistic style of Paul Klee. Serena Williams Class pupils crafted portraits of Serena Williams inspired by the distinctive style of Picasso.

Science Education at Christian Malford Primary School

Our science curriculum is organised into phases, each designed to align with the developmental stages of children. We follow the White Rose Science progression, ensuring a comprehensive and structured approach to science education.

We use Knowledge Organisers to help the children connect their learning and retain vital information.

Below are some examples of our Science learning in the first two weeks of September 2023. Year 3/4 are learning about Skeletons and Year 5/6 about Forces

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